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To prepare each child to be a dignified and useful member of society.

The Beginings:

In 1999, Shanti Venkat, a special educator, decided to begin a school that would make a difference to the differently abled children. She was supported by a small group of parents of children with disabilities and well-wishers who had seen her competence at close quarters and the effect it had had on special children.

Today, Sri Vidhya's Centre has evolved into a centre that embodies her conviction that such children can be trained and taught the skills to manage their lives as independently as possible. Starting with just 8 students with cognitive disabilities of varying levels, the school now has nearly 150 students from different socio-economic backgrounds, representing a wide range of ability and function. The Centre has a day school as well as a residential facility.

Truly inclusive:

What makes Sri Vidhya's different is going beyond its focus on the differently able children and making it a truly inclusive school and offering services at no cost to many students from the neighbouring slums, who would otherwise never have access to such facilities or expertise.

Mission of Sri Vidhya:

  • To impart intensive specialized training to students with mental retardation and other cognitive disabilities.
  • To make students self-reliant, helping them develop various life skills, and wherever possible, providing vocational training.
  • To integrate special students into the mainstream of life.
  • To provide support and guidance to parents and family members of students with special needs.
  • To create and enhance public awareness and understanding of cognitive disabilities, and to promote positive interactions between the general public and those with mental retardation.


To prepare each child to  
be a dignified and useful member of society.


Founded in 1999, Srividhya Centre for Special Children works to empower physically and mentally challenged children through education and training.

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